• Wizards Academy Train & Platform Scene

  • Talking Wizard Hat Photo Scene

  • Apothecary’s Chamber


Animatronic Dragons

The dragons created for this exhibit are our own interpretation of how Dragons should look, act, eat, live and reside. We have formulated a Bio for six dragon types stretching across the Globe. This is based on our research and influences from Cultural & Historic literature, mainstream TV & Cinema, Anime, Comics & Gaming. Introducing our Dragon creations:

  • European Red Fire Dragon

  • European Green Dragon

  • Asian Dragon

  • Amphitere Artic Dragon

  • Wyvern Flying Dragon

  • Dessert Dragon

Dragon Eggs

  • Dragon Egg Display



  • Virtual Reality Dragon Simulation

  • The Knights & Armoury

  • The Medieval Throne Photo Opportunity

  • Draw a Dragon (educational experience)

  • Dragon Fossil Dig (educational experience)

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